Slime Rancher – Part 1: A Slime A Dozen

I recently picked up Slime Rancher in the Humble Frontier Bundle, along with some other frontier inspired games. Slime Rancher had been on my watch list for a while and it was a good excuse to pick it up. The game is still in development, but from my first impressions it seems that it’s coming along nicely. There isn’t much of a tutorial in the game, and after being briefly shown how to use the Vacpac, I was off to my own devices.

I get the impression that the game is similar to Stardew Valley, another game in my pile of shame, and Harvest Moon. I started off by heading out into the canyon and sucking up some nice pink slimes, picking up a few plorts on the way. Plorts are the main resource of the game, and they come in a few different types, each with varying value. I built a pen for my pink slimes and then proceeded to shoot them into it. They seemed pretty happy about the whole situation, even if I had kind of kidnapped them. I soon figured out that each kind of slime has a different type of food that it eats and feeding the slimes produces plorts. Thank you Slimepedia.

The game allows you to buy new areas and upgrades with the money you earn from plorts. I did a bit of research out of the game and found out that if a slime eats another slimes plorts you get a largo slime, and those are worth farming. So I upgraded my pen, rounded up some cat like tabby slimes and started growing these largos all over the place. Soon enough, I was earning a bit a of money and, without realising it, two hours had passed and I was really enjoying the game.

Whilst exploring the game world I came across a locked Indiana Jones style temple door. The game told me I needed a slime key, so I figured I would come back later. I also came across giant slimes hidden in some of the areas. I wasn’t able to put two and two together, and outside of game I read that these guys held the keys to those doors. The way to get the key was to feed them loads of food. Next thing I know I’m planting some carrots on my ranch, both for my slimes and the big ones with the key.

After opening one of the doors, I was surprised at how the game world expanded in front of me. The game opened up a large forest for me to explore, with new slimes and treasures to find. I’m only about four hours in, but my initial impressions for this game are very positive. Expect to hear more in my next post about this game.


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