Slime Rancher – Part 2: Dude Ranch

Returning to my ranch, I spent some time familiarising myself with the game by running round and collecting all of the plorts from my slimes to sell. I’d upgraded my pens, called corrals in game, enough so that they collect the plorts automatically and all I have to do is run round and suck them out of the machine with my Vacpac. After a few sessions, I’d built up a fair bit of money and I decided now would be the best time to start my first major expansion.

I bought access to some nearby caves which brought with it some new plots of land for me to build corrals on. Inside here I began to start ranching phosphorous slimes with a mix of honey and boom slimes that I had found when exploring. The harder the slimes are to find, the more valuable their plorts are. Because my original pink slimes weren’t making me much money any more, I converted their plots into gardens to feed my new slimes. It was sad saying goodbye to the little guys as they are always so happy, even as I shot them off a cliff into the sea.


By this stage, around eight hours in, I felt like I was getting a solid grip on what the progression was going to be in Slime Rancher. Go out exploring, find some new slimes, make some money, find a secret area and buy new things. I found that there was constantly things for me to do and I found it hard to stop playing sometimes. My next big purchase would be a science lab to the north of my ranch, but I was happy to take my time and keep exploring. I acquired a sweet jetpack which allowed me to access new areas in the world that were previously too high to jump up to.

Slime Rancher has minimal threats or dangers when you are out exploring. Occasionally, some evil tar slimes will appear and eat other slimes, but they are easy to run away from. I did manage to fall into the sea a few times, which simply ends the day and returns you to your ranch. Not much of a punishment, but I couldn’t remember if I lost any items. Slime Rancher has an easy going pace, and I had upgraded my ranch to a point where I could leave it for a day and go out exploring.

After opening a new area with a key, I came across a series of caves with crystal and radiated slimes. I even found another locked door within one of these new areas. Bringing these back to my ranch, I was getting closer to my goal of obtaining all the different kinds of slimes and I was making a ton of money doing it.


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