Slime Rancher – Part 3: Slime To Go

Things had been going well on my ranch. By now I had collected almost all the different kinds of slimes and placed them into upgraded corrals. One of the corral upgrades is an auto feeder, so all I had to do was to make sure that the slimes were stocked up on food, then I could run round and pick up all the plorts. The in-game days started to drift by nicely. It didn’t take long before I had purchased the Lab upgrade and a whole new section of corrals.


Keeping everything moving on my ranch was starting to take up a decent amount of time and I was worried that getting even more slimes would make the task unmanageable for one rancher. I decided to get rid of some of my slimes and breed new ones with honey slimes. The Lab section is the most expensive purchasable area for your ranch and it comes equipped with a blueprints shop, a refinery and building station (they might not actually be called that exactly).

This is where I felt that I had reached Slime Ranchers current end game. The Lab allows you to make cool and unique tech around the world, like teleporters and health stations, however, the process of creating these items is quite a laborious one. Of course, the first thing that I wanted to build was teleporters, as they would be incredibly useful. It took me an hour or so get around how to build them and I would say that the process is akin to something like Minecraft.

You purchase the blueprints for the items you want to make. Easy enough. I then looked at the building station to build the things I wanted. The requirements were items I’d never even heard of, so I was a bit perplexed. I looked through the blueprints again and found some items called extractors. You can place these objects pretty much anywhere in the world and they will harvest resources. Those resources are the items you need to build the more advanced things. The extractors have a timer on them, so process can be a bit slow, but it gave me something extra to do and a reason to head back out into the game world.


I’ve only played a few crafting style games, but what the Lab was bringing to Slime Rancher felt like familiar territory. Build x, to build y, to build z. A lot of games have this process these days. The Lab feels like the end of what there is to do in Slime Rancher, beyond purchasing cosmetic upgrades. I am pleased that I now have a teleporter on my ranch, but I couldn’t help but think I was close to seeing all that Slime Rancher had to offer.


I continued to find keys throughout the game world and eventually I unlocked a small area with a big gate behind it. Around the area were statues that I had to shoot slime ports into, and doing so got the gate open. I began exploring what I believe is the last area of the game. It’s a cool looking area and, like the rest of Slime Rancher, has a good style to it. The area was full of new slimes called quantum slimes, which warp through things. This became a problem, as they kept warping out of the corrals after I took them. I eventually gave up trying farm them. It was at that stage that I realised that I was done with Slime Rancher. I’m happy with what I got out of the game and I’m looking forward to moving on to something else. Maybe I’ll return when there’s been an update. After all, it’s not finished yet. 


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